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Vistar Media and the Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo

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When the Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, Illinois wanted to create a more focused and accurate marketing strategy, they turned to Vistar Media. Vistar Media offers an advertising platform that enables brands to reach consumers based on their behavior in the physical world. Vistar has built the first data agnostic system for defining audiences based on location and analyzing the movement patterns of these audiences. Using insights gleaned from this data, Vistar helps their clients develop and activate targeted media campaigns to reach on-the-go consumers through cross-screen mobile and out-of-home advertising.

Vistar Media has been working with mobile carrier data for 3.5 years, as one of the first companies to utilize this passive source of consumer location data to inform advertising strategy, and were on the lookout for new ways of analyzing this data. With SAP Digital Consumer Insight, Vistar Media was able to further refine their targeting to create a focused marketing strategy for their client, Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo, through the combination of consumer location insights, demographics, and device usage behavior.

Vistar Media had two goals for the Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo:

  1. Analyze the demographics and home ZIP codes of zoo-goers for the three-day sample period to improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns by activating media targeted around the probable locations of potential zoo patrons.
  2. Develop a media strategy to promote Brookfield Zoo’s “Summer Nights”, a concert series designed to attract music-enthusiasts and couples seeking alternative date-night options, in addition to providing a new experience for repeat visitors. This strategy included using geolocation data from concertgoers of the bands playing in the zoo’s August lineup.


Where Are Current Audiences Coming From?


Using SAP Digital Consumer Insight, Vistar Media pulled the top ten home ZIP codes of zoo-goers over a three-day period, Thursday-Saturday, over Father’s Day Weekend in June. The top four ZIP codes drawing the most local visitors came from the communities directly east of Brookfield: Berwyn (60402), Riverside (60546), Cicero (60804), and Brookfield itself (60525).

Vistar Media used this data to inform the geolocation strategy for mobile and digital out-of-home media to attract to consumers most likely to visit the zoo.

 Finding New Audiences


In order to inform the audience strategy for future Summer Nights promotional campaigns, Vistar Media also looked at data on consumers who had previously attended concerts by Unity the Band and Rebirth Brass Band, two groups booked to play Brookfield Zoo’s Summer Nights series. Concert-goers for both bands came from Northern suburbs of Chicago, outside of the usual trade area of Brookfield Zoo. Knowing audiences for different bands live in areas of Chicagoland that have traditionally been difficult for Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo to reach, is crucial information that could inform future event planning to determine which bands to partner with based on geographic trends among their fans. Additionally, these insights could help inform the media activation strategy for promoting specific bands based on where their fans have the highest propensity to be.

Who Are They?


Vistar Media wanted to compare existing zoo-goers to fans of Unity the Band and Rebirth Brass Band. The largest age demographic for their existing zoo-goers (millennials aged 25 – 34) matched closely with the audience for both bands. While the Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo already knew they had high attendance among this demographic, it was valuable to confirm this audience demographic aligns with the demographics of fans of the bands participating in the Summer Nights Concert Series. This insight could be used to inform future Summer Nights messaging to appeal to both zoo-goers and music fans at the same time. In addition, looking at the demographics of zoo visitors over 24-hour intervals on Father’s Day weekend showed a higher percentage of male visitors – an insight the Brookfield Zoo will further investigate to compare this weekend to non-holiday weekends.


Targeting New Customers with the Right Messaging

Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo leveraged SAP Digital Consumer Insight to activate cross-screen advertising through their media partner, Vistar Media. By combining consumer location insights, demographics, and device usage behavior data, Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo was able to improve the effectiveness of their campaign significantly. Not only did SAP’s location data enable Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo to reach a more precise audience through Vistar Media’s location-based media platform, but this data also allowed them to reach new audiences by creatively leveraging insights on local event-goers. Best of all, Vistar Media was able to access these valuable insights within minutes and at a low cost per report to enable swift activation based optimizations and efficient targeting.

You can learn more about SAP Digital Consumer Insight at the SAP Store.

“The SAP mobile data was an additional tool that allowed Brookfield Zoo test assumptions about our visitors.”

Ursula Bender

Brand Manager, Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo

“It has been exciting to work with SAP on unique opportunities to add value in Vistar’s ecosystem for monetizing location data assets in the out-of-home media space. SAP’s Digital Consumer Insight data service, activated through Vistar’s programmatic platform for out-of-home media, lowers the barrier for local companies to utilize consumer mobility data to make better marketing and business decisions.”

Jillian Kushner

Director of Marketing and Analytics at Vistar Media