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How CRM Can Increase Your Sales Productivity

How CRM Can Increase Your Sales Productivity

If your job requires that you access a lot of information, you know the value of a robust program that allows you to manage it swiftly. The biggest factor really comes down your most valuable resource: time.

CRM software, when properly setup and used, will increase your productivity. But it will also help you reduce the time you waste on tedious administrative tasks, build a faster and better inbound pipeline of sales leads, and give you the room to be more creative in how you develop relationships with clients.

Here’s a look at how you can leverage good CRM technology to make your life easier, and close more deals.

Cut Down on Administrative Time

If you’ve been without a CRM or used a clunky, hard to navigate one in the past, you might be hesitant to upgrade your workflow. Having to click to five different screens just to enter a customer name and phone number that you could have just written down seems like a waste of time.

But good CRM solutions can drastically cut down time spent sorting through customer data, emails, and proposals. They can also enable your sales team to communicate more quickly, manage and track their own data, and get what they need when they need it. The key here is to look for a CRM that is intuitive, and that’s designed for actual salespeople.

Identify Leads and Close Them When THEY Are Ready

We’ve all received the email or phone call from a salesperson that’s well intentioned, but comes at the wrong time. A good CRM will help you move customers through the pipeline when they are actually ready to move forward with your product.

A CRM solution that provides quick and easy access to critical data about your most loyal, profitable customers will help identify which leads to focus on.  

Understand Your Clients, and Their Business

Customer retention is the metric that many sales teams fail to account for. It’s not enough to find leads and close deals if you’re releasing them back into the world so that a savvy competitor can pick them up.

To nurture your client relationships you need to understand their business on a deep level. You get there by watching how their company buys and sells, and understanding where the problems arise.

A good CRM will help you gather and store information and be better prepared for those meetings.You’ll be able to look at the history of your client’s business with you, their preferences, and your past interactions. Having this information will not only reduce your response time, but make you appear knowledgeable about their business. Developing that relationship, and seeing opportunities, is a highly creative venture, and one where being able to leverage data in a smooth way is critical.

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Bonus: Help Your Team Acknowledge and Celebrate Their Success

Salespeople love numbers, and their commission numbers are by far their favorite, but there’s plenty of research that suggests being recognized as successful in front of your  peers, and being connected to them and their success, is important, too.

Using a smart, intuitive CRM can help you pinpoint positive growth in your team. One of your salespeople might be constantly at the top and your team has become used to their success. But when a newer team member increases their number of client meetings, publicly acknowledging it makes other team members sit up and take notice.

IK4LCfgBy making your employees feel appreciated you raise the level of employee engagement across your workforce. Studies show that engaged workforces are considerably more productive and more profitable. Public recognition also allows fellow sales professionals the ability to gain insight into what your best reps are doing to achieve their success, what type of customers they’re succeeding with, and how the the top rep’s sales data compares with their own.

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