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The Anatomy of a Successful Salesperson [Infographic]

The Anatomy of a Successful Salesperson [Infographic]

What makes a seriously successful salesperson? What are the attributes and characteristics that make one person excel, and another mediocre? Your business success is dependent upon understanding how to succeed in sales, and to get there you need the answers to those two questions.

There are some salespeople who appear to come by success effortlessly. Their natural charm and intelligence seem to open doors and close deals for them. That is a myth. Truly successful salespeople share specific traits and discipline that make their success appear automatic, and in fact it almost is, after much hard work.

So, if we agree that the traits of a successful salesperson are primarily learned, rather than inherent, what are they and how does a serious professional go about developing them? As you read on you’ll see that our infographic outlines the most important attributes of a successful sales professional. How do you go about earning them?

You’re doing an important part of the work right now, by reading and learning online. If you continue to check back to this blog you’ll find informative posts on sales and other tools you need to build your business. Other sites you may find useful are The Harvard Business Review and The Sales Blog. You can also read trade magazines and books that help build your business and sales acumen.

Embracing the mindset that becoming a sales success means continually learning, evolving and honing your skills.  If you continue to improve, eventually you will become one of those sales professionals for which everything looks so effortless and easy (even if you know better yourself.) But before you set off down the road to professional self improvement you’ll need to be clear on exactly where you’re going and what you want to learn. To help clarify, we put together this infographic with the components that make up the anatomy of a successful salesperson:


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