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The 7 Core Values of a Seriously Successful Salesperson

The 7 Core Values of a Seriously Successful Salesperson

There are salespeople, and then there are seriously successful salespeople. Some like to chalk up the difference to “natural talent” or “the gift of gab.” But neither is true as the single reason some salespeople rise to the top. There are quite a few factors that play into who is successful in sales.

To become a seriously successful sales professional you should become familiar with the foundational traits and philosophy of the top sales people who make it rain month after month, year after year. Here are the core values that separate the mediocre from the hustlers who regularly close deals:

1.  The Ability to Face Fear

The word fearless is inaccurate in most cases; no one enjoys rejection and most of us fear failure. Seriously successful salespeople aren’t fearless, but instead they are able to face the fears normal people have when it comes to asking for the sale. After years of honing their craft, successful salespeople accept all of the elements we fear as part of the job and push right past it.

2.  Integrity

An “A” level sales professional knows that their word is their future. No lie, no sale, is worth losing your reputation over. Word of mouth is powerful, and it travels through industries at lightening speed. Seriously successful salespeople know that their word is their bond, and it’s their reputation as well. Top level sales pros see sales as a noble career. They are trusted advisors and problem solvers. Integrity is at the core of their sales philosophy.

3.  Discipline

Success is an outcome of hard work and focus. There is no other way to success. If you study the work habits of top sales earners you will find discipline at the core of how they approach prospecting, follow up, self education, creating value and capturing commitments. Nothing happens by accident. Successful salespeople follow a disciplined regimen that, as a whole, leads them to serious success.

4.  Commitment to Knowledge

Sales acumen is a must for successful salespeople. In today’s competitive environment, business acumen is even more important. You only gain both types by committing yourself to learning, and you only remain at the top of your game by remaining committed to continued learning. This includes online courses, books, blogs, seminars, and any other arena that will continue your education.

5.  Self respect

This is not ego; this is different. The seriously successful salesperson is not subservient to their clients. They are partners, trusted advisors, and peers. Self respect does not mean that you are focused on your own needs, as the client still comes first. It means that the partnership they build with their clients must be mutually beneficial – a win/win for both parties. Self respect gives the salesperson the ability to walk away from deals that are hurtful to them and their company. Self respect gives salespeople the ability to negotiate and collect payment that is earned.

6.  Intuition

Often called a “gut feeling”, intuition is scientifically proven to increase sales success. Authors of an American Marketing Association study found that first impressions matter. They can increase a salesperson’s effectiveness and cut down on selling time. “In fact, when a salesperson deliberately rethinks first impressions of a customer, he or she might lose a potential sale.”  There is a difference between pre-judging and first impressions, so you must be careful to trust your intuition and not preconceived notions. Intuition is based on situational knowledge. Google succinctly defines it as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

7.  Patience and Endurance

Seriously successful salespeople don’t take “no” for an answer if they’re certain that their prospect has the potential to be a dream client. That doesn’t mean they keep asking for the sale repeatedly like a rabid bulldog. That makes them annoying, and won’t lead to serious success. But successful salespeople select their targets for solid business reasons, and they don’t easily give up on the first “no.” They’ll ask again, and then create value for the prospect before repeating the ask. This takes patience, and of course endurance. Dream clients don’t drop out of the sky – they are nurtured and their trust is earned over the long term.

Developing as a salesperson and rising to the heights of success takes time, and there is not a one size fits all blueprint to get there. Much depends upon the individual, the market, and the offering you represent. But in each seriously successful sales professional you will find core values that set them apart. If you develop these seven values you are well on your way.

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