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3 Steps To Master Modern Marketing

3 Steps To Master Modern Marketing

Modern marketing is a hot new buzzword popping up in marketers’ conversations. The hype is understandable with all the waves of technology creating exciting opportunities to help businesses reach a bigger audience.

What is modern marketing? Some marketers define it as marketing through machines to societies that already live half their lives in the digital world. In other words, digital marketing.

But the true definition of modern marketing is that it’s a healthy mix of traditional and digital marketing. While some marketers are quick to declare traditional marketing obsolete, its human touch cannot render it so. To successfully blend traditional and digital marketing into modern marketing, follow these three steps.

Understand your customer

While this is an obvious first step, its application is tricky when going digital and being on every platform seems urgent. For example, most marketers would rush to post on corporate Facebook pages, take pictures for Instagram, and tweet company updates. However, that approach doesn’t work for every company. Consumer brands are the most successful with marketing campaigns on Facebook, while Hollywood celebrities and influencers have the highest number of Twitter followers.

Find where your customers hang out online and what platforms they use to do business. More importantly, experience your potential customer’s online journey to find the appropriate solution for their problems. What kind of keywords would they use to search for solutions? How can you raise your website rankings on popular search engines for those keywords?

Once you’ve determined the right platform, ensure that it’s used for the right purpose: developing a customer relationship and shortening the sales cycle. If your customers are browsing Facebook for news, create news articles and share them online. If your target group prefers interactive content, such as the Millennials, create online competitions that can be liked and shared.

Understand your customer so you can be on the right platform and use it for the right purpose.

Integrate the old and the new

While digital marketing can help transform a typical event’s purpose and organization, face-to-face events are still a key to solidifying the customer relationship. Not only do customers remain more comfortable with face-to-face encounters, your employees remain the face of your company. Human interaction establishes trust, communication, understanding, and a sense of shared mission between parties, connecting the customer with your company.

Modern marketers understand this and use a mix of traditional and digital strategies to push their marketing further. For example, in an online article that helps identify customer pain points, a chat bot could pop up to offer an expert consultations.

Measure, modify, and move on

Did you achieve the targeted click-through rates? Did you exceed the expected volume of leads to be generated? Set your objectives in advance, using metrics matched to the marketing strategies executed.

Inevitably, you’ll make mistakes. Failure can become the mother of success or can be left as a failed project. What makes the difference is the willingness to reflect and the ability to identify what went wrong. Look for new angles, fail fast, and keep your objectives in check. As the famous adage goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Finally, use those lessons to continuously improve, updating and building presence online. Such efforts can only add visibility for your business.

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Melissa’s experience as a modern marketer in the IT industry extends beyond a portfolio of integrated marketing campaigns orchestrated across business units. Crafting pieces ranging from success stories to analytical reviews on technology solutions, she believes in empowering others through the written word. As an graduate from the National University of Singapore with an Honours degree in Accountancy, Melissa also has the advantage of understanding technology from a business perspective.

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