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10 Ways to Use Online Training to Keep Your Business Ahead of the Curve

10 Ways to Use Online Training to Keep Your Business Ahead of the Curve

The fast paced, ever changing business world is under constant transformation by technology, and many small and large businesses struggle to keep up. There is too much information to process, and each day new forms of technology are introduced to the market. It can be overwhelming but there is a silver lining: individuals, businesses of all sizes, and even departments within an enterprise can use online training to keep their employees up to date and ahead of their competitors.

Online education doesn’t stop with businesses and organizations who regularly offer employee trainings. Even if you are a solo artist, you should have a personal and professional development plan. Your career is your responsibility, and you can’t wait for your company to train you. Here are sites to help you get started…

  1. Duo Lingo The global economy means that bilingual employees can advance quickly. Sadly, many Americans do not possess this skill – only 26 percent of Americans can carry on a conversation in a second language. But hope is not lost if you didn’t learn one in your youth. Duo Lingo is a free program that is simple to use and helps you learn one of several languages.
  2. This learning site has been around since 1995 and now owned by LinkedIn. It offers thousands of courses in everything from software development to business and leadership courses. They also offer affordable monthly subscriptions and small group pricing. Be sure to read the reviews for individual courses to get feedback from users.
  3. Well known to HR Professionals and safety officers, Mastery offers indepth courses on compliance, HR, organizational, and safety issues.
  4. Panapto Instead of relying on existing courses, Panapto allows you to create online training courses for your own employees and customers. Imagine the time and money you can save by creating courses to be watched again and again, freeing up your trainers and giving your employees flexibility.
  5. US SBA The US Small Business Association offers many free courses for small business education, including sales training and cyber security. This site is especially valuable for new small business owners or those looking into starting a business.
  6. Coursera The online training company partners with a wide array of Universities to provide paid online courses including business, personal development, and many other areas of study. These courses are more similar to college courses than some online offerings, with most courses lasting 4 – 10 weeks. Courses include short video lectures with assignments that must be submitted on a weekly basis. Certification is optional.
  7. Toastmasters You probably recognize the name, as Toastmasters has been around a long time and has a tremendous reputation for public speaking training. The standard learning process is through joining a local club, but the site also offers short online video training for public speakers. Public speaking is a fear even greater than death for many Americans. Toastmasters arms you with practices and techniques to make public speaking a little less frightening.
  8. Franklin Covey Known best for 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Franklin Covey onlined delivers in depth business acumen courses, including the famous. The organization specializes in performance improvement and offers a digital training segment. People in charge of sales and revenue growth will find these useful.
  9. Google Analytics Academy Too many business people view SEO and Google Analytics as mysterious and difficult to understand, when in fact analytics can tell you much of what you need to know about your online marketing/business/presence from a traffic perspective. Google has free courses that can take you through everything you need to know.
  10. A well known leadership trainer and consultant, Rebel Brown  trains leaders how to resolve workplace conflict, communicate effectively, and increase bottom line profitability. Her online course can be a cost and time effective way for smaller teams to work more effectively together.

Successful companies and individuals never stop learning. In this technology driven business environment continued learning is a prerequisite to survival. Yet, while technology applies ample pressure to keep up, it also provides ample opportunities for flexible, online training if you know where to look.

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