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Get expert advice on how to build a flourishing sales process by prospecting, converting, and nurturing leads. Join a lively discussion between Anthony Iannarino, international speaker, author, and entrepreneur, and Amy Tobin, sales professional and writer.

Note: If you are looking to get rich quick schemes, this isn't the webinar for you. Anthony Iannarino will teach you the true fundamental of sales–the things that mean the difference between success and failure for small organizations–not gimmicks.

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Date Aired: Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A

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Webinar Recording

The Top 3 Challenges Small Sales Teams Struggle With...Solved.

  • Qualify leads and prospect effectively
  • Build a sales process with stages and commitments
  • Follow up and ask for the sale
  • Nurture prospects and existing customers for more sales

International Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, and Sales Leader

What You'll Learn

About Anthony Iannarino

Learn the secrets of building a sales process from one of the world's leading sales experts

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