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SAP Digital Consumer Insight

Annie Tan is the owner of Mathnasium of Cortlandt in Peekskill, NY, a math-only learning center that teaches math to K–12 students in a way that makes sense to them. Annie opened Mathnasium at the end of May 2016. Now that her business is off the ground, Annie wanted to better understand local consumers to ensure her marketing efforts are efficient and to make the most of her small business budget.

Mathnasium is located next to a pediatric dentist and across the street from a busy retail plaza. Annie understands that parents coming to the dentist are prime targets for her business—but what about other passers-by?

With SAP Digital Consumer Insight, Annie was able to glean deeper insights about local consumers and create a cost-effective marketing strategy for her small business.


When is foot traffic heaviest?

Annie looked at three days in May—Sunday to Tuesday—to understand more about the people passing her location. Traffic was busy for all three days. On Sunday, a busy retail shopping day for the plaza across the street, foot traffic began to climb around 7:00 a.m. and stayed high until 5:00 p.m., when it began to gradually decline. Monday and Tuesday showed similarly busy traffic, with slightly different peak hours from noon until 7:00 p.m. when commuting slowed.

These insights are particularly helpful because Annie intends on doing local guerilla marketing. Annie could hand out flyers at the adjacent shopping plaza during peak lunch hours and into the busy afternoons. Annie could also use mobile push marketing (e.g. text messages) to target consumers as they pass by.

Mathnasium is not an impulse purchase. But reminding consumers that she is there when they are near her location will solidify her brand in their mind. They may remember her when their children or their friends’ children need tutoring.

Where are they coming from?

Annie was able to determine that there were twice as many people coming from Peekskill (10566) than consumers coming from nearby Cortlandt (10567). Other zip codes were relatively insignificant. This information means that Annie can focus nearly all of her targeted marketing and direct mail on Peekskill and Cortlandt, and not waste her budget on zip codes of people who rarely pass near her location.


Catching the right customer at the right time.

Before her grand opening, Annie Tan had a general sense of where her potential customers were coming from and when they would arrive. But, as a math-loving businesswoman, Annie knew that a general sense was not enough—she needed actionable data.

With SAP Digital Consumer Insight, Annie was able to get a deeper understanding of where her local consumers live and when they frequent her area.  Annie knew she had a good location when she signed the lease, but what she didn’t know was how to make the best use of it. She didn’t have the time or budget to conduct overly elaborate traffic studies or waste time on inefficient marketing tactics.

SAP Digital Consumer Insight not only fit her budget, but in a mere 10 minutes she was able to get insights she needed to create a marketing plan to grow her business by reaching her most likely customers for just $439 USD.

You can learn more about SAP Digital Consumer Insight at the SAP Store.

“Starting a new business I was uncertain of exactly where to spend my local marketing dollars. SAP Consumer Digital Insight gave me valuable information on the people passing my business and on foot traffic patterns. This information was pivotal in creating a smart, budget-friendly marketing plan.”

Annie Tan

Owner, Mathnasium of Cordtlandt