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SAP Digital Consumer Insight

Heinz Nonnenmacher owns and runs Hair by Heinz, a successful hair salon in Mountain View, California. There is a neighborhood in San Francisco that he thinks would be a good fit for a second location but he’s looking for data to validate his intuition. With SAP Digital Consumer Insight, Heinz can understand the amount and pattern of foot traffic in the new location, as well as the demographics of the visitors that pass by. This allows him to make the decision based on what he knows, not what he thinks.

Is there heavy foot traffic in this area?

Heinz chose to analyze traffic patterns over a three day period in May. He found that the potential location in San Francisco has 200% higher foot traffic than Mountain View and the area is particularly busy between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m (his hours of operation). The higher foot traffic suggested that not only would this location have the visibility he needs, but that the rent premiums he was being asked to pay are justified.

Where is our foot traffic coming from?

Local only

The Mountain View location had a much more dense distribution, with a majority of consumers coming from only a few minutes away. Heinz can use this important insight to target his local marketing efforts and flyer distribution moving forward.

All the way from Ingleside

At the San Francisco location, many consumers would travel from quite far away and almost all from south of the location. In fact, the fourth largest group would come all the way from Ingleside, over 20 minutes away. With consumers spread widely across zip codes, Heinz will have a more difficult time targeting his direct mail and local ads. He will have to explore different ways of attracting new customers.

Who are they?

Heinz is successful in Mountain View with the current demographic and wanted to investigate if there’s a similar demographic in San Francisco. His salon generally appeals to women between the ages of 30 and 45.  A comparison of the demographics of his salon and the prospective new location reveal similarities in the visitors in each area. This overlap tells him that there’s an opportunity to reach a similar clientele with his services, so it looks to be a good fit.

percent female of Mountain View location


percent female of San Francisco location


Age range of Mountain View location

  • 18-24 10%
  • 25-34 41%
  • 35-44 19%
  • 45-54 14%
  • 55-64 9%
  • 65-74 5%

Age range of San Francisco location

  • 18-24 11%
  • 25-34 43%
  • 35-44 18%
  • 45-54 14%
  • 55-64 7%
  • 65-74 5%


Deep insights and a clearer path forward

With SAP Digital Consumer Insight, Heinz Nonnemacher is able to combine his years of entrepreneurial experience with hard data to fact-check his gut instinct. Heinz can use this information to help with rent negotiations, enhance his marketing strategy, and avoid investing in locations that don’t include his target audience. Heinz is able to make an informed decision about his business and gather the information he needed easily, within 15 minutes, and for the price of a single report ($439).

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“Digital Consumer Insight has made it much easier to know the profile of a neighborhood – so we can run targeted local ads – letting people know about our products and specials.”

Heinz Nonnenmacher

Owner, Hair by Heinz