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SAP Crystal Solutions Success Profile:

Adam ButtAdam Butt

General Manager, APB Reports

Adam Butt, general manager of APB Reports, is a firm believer in the power of the SAP® Crystal Reports. From his perspective, the solution’s stability and predictable task handling are the keys to successful innovation of new reporting capabilities. We sat down with Adam to find out what intrigues him about analytics, how he uses SAP Crystal solutions, and why he continues to recommend these reporting solutions to his clients.

A Day in the Life

As a business intelligence consultant, Adam generates, designs, and delivers unique reports for a variety of companies. His clients range from large to small businesses that span across industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. Adam’s daily responsibilities include:

Report creation for maintenance, procurement, and finance organizations, detailing events that impact quality, health, safety, budget, and key performance indicators.

Automation of alerts, purchase order approvals, and e-mail messaging.

Dashboard and reporting design for applications running on third-party platforms.

Success Story

After experiencing first-hand the impact of SAP Crystal Reports, Adam immediately realized the solution’s potential and continues to pass along this knowledge to his clients.



Adam discovers Crystal Reports 8.5 as a senior consultant at a maritime software solutions and services provider.


Adam decides to expand his organization’s use of the reporting solution to include Crystal Reports XI and basic automated reports.


Adam establishes a new reporting consultancy business, where he can apply his expertise in SAP Crystal Reports and further develop his automated reporting solutions by using Visual Cut from Millet Software.


Adam designs a solution based on SAP Crystal Reports to help his oil and gas clients that specialize in shipping and offshore operations move from ad hoc data pulls to automated dashboard creation.


Adam continues to recommend SAP Crystal Reports to his clients for all reporting needs, including automated solutions and dashboards. At the same time, he is expanding his business into new markets: manufacturing, medical, and education.

Top Business Benefits

During our conversation, Adam noted key factors that set SAP Crystal Reports apart from other reporting applications.

  • Ease of creating and deploying professional reports with data that can be trusted
  • Powerful engine that processes large data sets quickly
  • Fast connection with virtually every database source
  • A range of functionalities that handle almost all scenarios
  • Dynamic controls for conditional formatting

“Far too many data visualizations have elements that distract users from what the data is saying. SAP Crystal Reports cuts through all that clutter and lets the real story unfold.”

Questions and Answers

Q: What is the biggest challenge businesses face when it comes to business intelligence (BI) and data?
A:There are so many things to consider when working with BI and data. But at the end of the day, businesses need to see emerging opportunities and risks quickly and easily. Far too many data visualizations have elements – such as 3D and gradient-color schemas and unnecessary graphics – that distract users from what the data is saying. SAP Crystal Reports cuts through all that clutter and lets the real story unfold.

Q: How have your clients changed the way they use data over the past five years?
A: Most of our clients are moving from ad hoc reporting to automated reporting solutions and dashboards. Simple, informative dashboards are helping them identify positive and negative trends and drill-down to underlying data to fully understand those changes.

Q: What’s your best tip for generating reports that give an accurate view of the business?
A: It’s important to specify a set of firm requirements before creating a report. First, you need to identify the right source for the insights you want. Then, determine how that information should be grouped, sorted, calculated, and filtered. And because we are very visual beings, selecting the right colors, fonts, and layouts are equally important as you strike the balance between eye-appealing and distracting. But above all, the final report should always be professionally designed with 100% data quality.

Helping Businesses Operate Simpler – One Report at a Time

When discussing how SAP Crystal solutions are making a difference, Adam didn’t hesitate to offer his testimony.

“My clients and their business users are all very highly skilled and knowledgeable in their fields; they just need the right data to perform their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible. And with SAP Crystal Reports, they are accomplishing this balance. Automation of purchase-order approval systems has saved my clients a significant amount of time. On-demand reports with flexible filtering allow users to find the information they need quickly. And dashboard solutions highlight emerging risks and provide insights to resolve them before they impact operations. The changes SAP Crystal brings are just incredible.”

Anatomy of a Data Geek

In every aspect of his life, Adam is always inspired to innovate and interesting ways to visualize data. This constant experimentation empowers him to discover best practices that improve his clients’ reporting experiences. For example, he is using BI reporting and dashboards to track his loan payments and saving goals while ensuring that he is on the right path to financial freedom. He even used automated reporting to track his progress in sending Christmas cards.

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