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Author: Shayne Soo

Secrets to Enjoying Yourself at the Airport, Part 3: North America

Frequent travelers know that the airport you use is as important as the airline you travel on when it comes to shaping your travel experience. In the previous two articles of this series, we have seen airports in Asia and Europe overturn the general impression of airports. Instead of long security lines, rude agents, pricey food, and boredom, we’ve seen plush sleeping pods, movie theatres , and even an ice skating rink. In this last article, we’ll see how North American airports are pushing the boundaries. San Francisco International Airport (SFO) With San Francisco being the birth place of several technology...

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Secrets to Enjoying Yourself at the Airport, Part 2: Europe

In the past, airports were built with efficiency and practicality in mind. These days, well-traveled passengers demand comfort and entertainment, so some airports have successfully transformed into tourists’ attractions in their own right. In the previous article, we explored some of Asia’s most amazing airports, which turn transits into holidays. In this article, I’ll focus on the top airports in the neighboring continent: Europe. Most airports have places of interest relatively close by that you may explore if your layover is long enough. However, this series uncovers secrets in the airports themselves that will make your travel more pleasant...

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Secrets to Enjoying Yourself at the Airport, Part 1: Asia

Typically when you book a business trip, your top considerations are the airline and the hotel; the airport is seldom part of the equation. However, there are few greater inconveniences in life than being stranded in an airport for an exceptionally long time. Uncomfortable seats, exorbitantly priced food, and lack of attractions make up the DNA of most airports. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to the rule. In this series of articles, I will explore some of the top airports in the world, revealing some of the things you never knew you could do at each airport. After reading these...

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