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Author: Salome Choa Jia Xin

How to Successfully Pitch a Client

  Getting a meeting with potential client is a good start, but in order for them to become an actual client, you have to make a successful sales pitch and close the deal. Don’t wonder how your colleagues punch through the obligatory first-time sales meeting; follow these six tips on making a successful sales pitch and do it yourself. Understand the Clients Before the Meeting When you’re meeting with prospective clients, you’re now selling to a very specific buyer. If it’s a newly married couple, you need to pre-empt concerns like planning for a family or paying off a...

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How to Survive a Long Flight

Some people love when their job takes them to exotic or far-flung countries, but hardly anyone enjoys a 17-hour flight. Sitting in a cramped seat while listening to hundreds of other passengers isn’t a fun start or end to any work trip. While we can’t make the plane go any faster, we can offer you these 10 tips to make a long flight a little more pleasant. Upgrade Your Flight If you’re a frequent business traveler, you’ve likely chalked up quite a few miles. Use those miles for a long flight and get yourself an upgrade to business or...

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7 Tips to Turn Strangers Into Clients

Have you exhausted your list of friends you can sell your product to? It’s time to look for new clients! Good salespeople don’t just sell to people they know; they expand their network by constantly meeting new people and turning them into clients. Learn how to turn bus rides or long lines into business opportunities with these seven tips. Focus on Creating an Opportunity Opportunities can be created from casual interactions. Always be prepared because you don’t know when you’ll meet your next potential client. No one will ask you about what you sell unless you move the conversation...

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