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Author: Robin Lawson

“Map-ify” Your Data To Make Location-Dependent Business Decisions

Did you ever throw a dart at a map on the wall as a random way to pick your next travel destination? Then you already get the concept of geo-mapping. Simply put, geo-mapping is a type of data visualization tool that lets you make location-dependent decisions based on business intelligence and geospatial data. It enables you to visualize any locale in the world with assets, regions, and KPIs all shown together to help answer the “where” questions – even drilling down from global territory to street level. Where are the best hot spots for outdoor advertising based on drive...

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What Data Visualization Tools Are Available? “Let Me Simplify That.”

When you need to convey a lot of data or a complex idea quickly and simply, the best way to do it is with a visual image – and that’s the meaning of data visualization.   Fortunately, there are plenty of tools available to help you do just that. Most everyone is familiar with Microsoft Office applications like Excel and PowerPoint; some people are more proficient than others, but these tools are popular because they’re versatile and easy to learn. Used together, Excel and PowerPoint are ideal for basic presentations and business meetings, with standard charts that can illustrate information...

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Memo To HR: With Data Visualization, Numbers Are Your Friend

As an HR professional, you play a major part in creating a strong company culture while supporting recruiting, hiring, engagement, performance, and retention. “People are our greatest asset” has become a business mantra. Still, quantifying the importance of HR initiatives and programs to the business and the executive team can present a challenge; in a data-driven world, yours is traditionally not a data-driven field. And chances are that using data to illustrate your effectiveness and achievements is not your number-one skill set. Yet a key element of your role is telling the story of how your work supports the...

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